About Clan Gordon

Based in Edinburgh, Clan Gordon is a regulated firm of surveyors providing residential property management services to a wide range of clients. We advise private and institutional clients seeking to acquire, manage, lease or develop residential property.

We offer a range of services, from managing property to sourcing new investment properties and renovating them. You can choose the level of support that's right for you - from simply sourcing the property to a fully managed service.

Why Choose Clan Gordon

Property management is one of the most competitive industries in the UK. There are over 150 letting agents in Edinburgh alone. Edinburgh has more agents than Glasgow and many English cities with larger populations, which means letting agencies in Edinburgh have more competition than elsewhere.

Edinburgh covers such a small geographical area that it is not really practical or necessary to look for letting agents specialising in your neighbourhood. So how should you choose a letting agent in Edinburgh? 

Protect your Investment - Choose  a Regulated Firm

No one would arrange their pension or take a personal loan from someone who is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Anyone can become a letting agent and set up in their spare room, and most are unregulated - is that who you want to manage your property investment, which is likely to be worth upwards of 100,000? ..

What Do You Want to Achieve - Look at our Landlord Objectives

Landlords often say that letting agencies don't understand their clients. The directors of Clan Gordon, Andrew and Jonathan, started out in the property business as landlords so when they set up their letting agency in Edinburgh, they looked closely at what a landlord's objectives really are.
As a result, Clan Gordon's property management service is built around the objectives of our clients. Find out more...

Choose a Family Firm for Personal Service

Clan Gordon is a family business owned and run by two brothers who have extensive professional experience in investment and property management in Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland.

We provide bespoke management solutions for all our clients, whether professional landlords and investors or new landlords who wish to start investing in Edinburgh property for rent. 


Clan Gordon has 8 properties to rent.

Temple Park Crescent, Polwarth (Edinburgh), EH11 1HZ
£2,400 pcm
4 bedroom flat
furnished, available from:
5th January 2018

Bangor Road, Leith, EH6 5RS
£850 pcm
2 bedroom flat
furnished, available from:
8th January 2018

Oxgangs Road, Swanston, EH10 7AZ
£1,250 pcm
3 bedroom house
unfurnished, available from:
5th January 2018

Blackford Road, Grange, EH9 2DT
£1,250 pcm
2 bedroom flat
unfurnished, available from:
5th January 2018

Western Harbour Midway, Newhaven, EH6 6PN
£895 pcm
2 bedroom flat
unfurnished, available from:
15th December 2017

Warrender Park Road, Marchmont, EH9 1ES
£1,300 pcm
3 bedroom flat
unfurnished, available from:
14th December 2017

East Pilton Farm Crescent, Pilton, EH5 2GG
£995 pcm
3 bedroom flat
furnished, available now

Tansy Street, Currie, EH14 6AZ
£2,200 pcm
5 bedroom house
unfurnished, available now

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